Nuevo canal de peliculas y documentales anarquistas.

Peliculas y documentales anarquistas

Even more Anarchist film channels - features and documentaries

There are now four anarchist film channels : anarchist history ; Chomsky TV ; Spanish Civil War and Revolution I (there will be another Spanish Civil War Channel shortly) ; and World Anarchist Cinema. These are currently available on the new London Free TV channel at -

We will also shortly upgrade the site where we have currently two channels

Please note that you can have these films shown freely on your own website by applying to join the affiliate/syndication programme at

All we ask you to do is send us the url and a brief description about the website where the Player will be located. It’s dead simple, really ! Films currently on the Anarchist films (general) are :

Choisy le Roi, 1912
Red Years, Black Years
Delgado y Granado
El Grupo Primero de Mayo
Salvador Puig Antich
El Grupo Primero de Mayo
Vivir la Utopia
Buenaventura Durruti
20 November, 1936
The Will of a People
Porque Perdimos la Guerra
Queridissimos Verdugos
Nuestro Culpable
Nestor Makhno
Carne de Fieras
Exiles 1
Exiles 2
La Bande a Bonnot
And many, many more to come…

The following ChristieBooks Channels will also shortly be available :
Anarchist Biopics
Exile and Resistance
The Spanish Civil War and Revolution
Actuality/Current Affairs
Talks and Lectures

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